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Two New Harrappan Sites Discovered in India

Two Late Harappan sites were recently discovered along the Vasal River at the village of Kundla in the Surendranagar District of India. The finds came during an annual survey of the river valley. D. K. Rathod, assistatnd superintendent of the … Continue reading

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Four Undisturbed Clay Coffins Discovered in Cyprus

A construction crew in Cyprus working on a sidewalk has accidentally uncovered four clay coffins dating from between 300 BC and 100 AD. The period corresponds to the late Hellenistic and early Roman periods. Cyprus’ Antiquities Department director, Maria Hadjicosti, … Continue reading

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114 Richly Painted Terracotta Warriors Unearthed at Tomb of China’s First Emperor

114 terracotta warriors, most of which were richly painted in antiquity, have been discovered at the famed tomb of Qin Shihuang, the first emperor of China. “The total area of the excavation was some 200 square meters and we were … Continue reading

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Recent Study Challenges Popular Theory Regarding Easter Island’s Moai

Easter Island’s iconic moai have for centuries puzzled researchers as to how their ancient Polynesian creators transported and erected the giant statues all over the island. The most popular theory, first postulated by Norwegian explorer Thor Heyerdahl in 1958, is … Continue reading

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Archaeologists Turn to Digital Mapping to Uncover Prehispanic Structures in Veracruz

Archaeologists are more frequently turning to non-invasive and non-destructive digital mapping technologies in order to locate and outline features of archaeological sites. These technologies are especially useful when old-fashioned excavation methods are not possible or are prohibited. [See our stories … Continue reading

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Ancient Palestine Existed in Modern Day Turkey and Syria

Professor J. P. Dessel of the University of Tennessee released a statement today on findings showing that “Palestine” once existed in modern-day Turkey and Syria. The name “Palestine” was found written in ancient Hittite hieroglyphics in Antakya, Turkey, and similar … Continue reading

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Heavy Underwater Cage Installed Around Ancient Greek Shipwreck to Protect It From Looters

Authorities in Croatia have installed a locked underwater metal cage around a 2nd century Greek shipwreck in order to protect the well-preserve cargo, valued at roughly $7.5 million. The wooden ship has mostly deteriorated, but its original cargo of olive … Continue reading

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