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Latest Findings from Çatalhöyük to be Released This Summer

The latest findings from the current excavations at Çatalhöyük will be released at the end of this summer, according to a member of the international archaeological team working at the site. Çatalhöyük, located in southern Turkey, is the largest Neolithic … Continue reading

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Ancient Necropolises Discovered in Macedonia

Ancient necropolises, believed to be from the third century AD, have been discovered in southwestern Macedonia. The find came during construction work on the Tumbe Kafe stadium in the town of Bitola. One of the archaeologists who examined the site … Continue reading

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Ancient Pagan Ritualistic Artifacts Discovered in Israel Show a Link With Mycenaean Greece

Archaeologists working in a planned construction area for the Israel Antiquities Authority have discovered more than 100 artifacts that were used in ancient pagan rituals. 3,500-year-old incense vessels and decorative ritual cups were found buried in a rock hollow. Professor … Continue reading

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Zahi Hawass Publishes a Tirade Against the British Embassy, Promises to Treat Their Scientists Coldly

Zahi Hawass, the Head of the Egypt’s Supreme Council of Antiquities, and therefore the gatekeeper of Egyptian archaeology, has recently published a tirade against the British Embassy in the latest issue of Cairo’s Al-Ahram Weekly. Hawass declares that Egyptians have … Continue reading

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17th Century BC Graves Found in Pakistan

Archaeologists have announced the discovery of graves dating to the 17th century BC in Pakistan’s Chitral district. The graves contained human skeletons and pottery burial goods. The excavators said the find would aid understanding of the Aryan civilization that settled … Continue reading

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A Rare Find: Etruscan House Unearthed in Italy

Archaeologists at Vetulonia, on the Tuscan coast of Italy, have unearthed a splendidly preserved Etruscan house – a rare find, and one that will lend considerable insight to our understanding of Etruscan culture. The 2,400-year-old house is believed to have … Continue reading

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Two New Harrappan Sites Discovered in India

Two Late Harappan sites were recently discovered along the Vasal River at the village of Kundla in the Surendranagar District of India. The finds came during an annual survey of the river valley. D. K. Rathod, assistatnd superintendent of the … Continue reading

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