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German Team Challenges Egyptians’ Conclusions on Tutankhamun’s Death

Yet another theory has been published concerning the ever-mysterious death of Pharaoh Tutankhamun. A team of German scientists from Hamburg’s Bernhard Nocht Institute for Tropical Medicine recently announced their conclusion that the Egyptian king died as a result of sickle-cell … Continue reading

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Researcher Concludes That a Majority of Swedish Runic Inscriptions are Gibberish

Marco Bianchi, an expert in Nordic languages at Sweden’s Uppsala University, has recently studied 1,000 ancient runic inscriptions from northern Sweden and has concluded that most are meaningless. The majority of contemporary Vikings were illiterate, Bianchi says, and the inscribed … Continue reading

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Imaging Technology Being Used to Decipher Maya Inscriptions

A technology known as Reflection Transformation Imaging (RTI) is being utilized for the first time to help decipher Maya hieroglyphic inscriptions. RTI works by manipulating light on a photographic sequence in order to produce very high quality images. Researchers at … Continue reading

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Sticky Rice May Be the Secret Ingredient in Ancient China’s Strong Mortar

A new study by the American Chemical Society suggests that sticky rice may have been the secret ingredient in the powerful mortar used by the ancient Chinese. “Analytical study shows that the ancient masonry mortar is a kind of special … Continue reading

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A Rare Find: Etruscan House Unearthed in Italy

Archaeologists at Vetulonia, on the Tuscan coast of Italy, have unearthed a splendidly preserved Etruscan house – a rare find, and one that will lend considerable insight to our understanding of Etruscan culture. The 2,400-year-old house is believed to have … Continue reading

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Recent Study Challenges Popular Theory Regarding Easter Island’s Moai

Easter Island’s iconic moai have for centuries puzzled researchers as to how their ancient Polynesian creators transported and erected the giant statues all over the island. The most popular theory, first postulated by Norwegian explorer Thor Heyerdahl in 1958, is … Continue reading

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Archaeologists Turn to Digital Mapping to Uncover Prehispanic Structures in Veracruz

Archaeologists are more frequently turning to non-invasive and non-destructive digital mapping technologies in order to locate and outline features of archaeological sites. These technologies are especially useful when old-fashioned excavation methods are not possible or are prohibited. [See our stories … Continue reading

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