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Researcher Concludes That a Majority of Swedish Runic Inscriptions are Gibberish

Marco Bianchi, an expert in Nordic languages at Sweden’s Uppsala University, has recently studied 1,000 ancient runic inscriptions from northern Sweden and has concluded that most are meaningless. The majority of contemporary Vikings were illiterate, Bianchi says, and the inscribed … Continue reading

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Imaging Technology Being Used to Decipher Maya Inscriptions

A technology known as Reflection Transformation Imaging (RTI) is being utilized for the first time to help decipher Maya hieroglyphic inscriptions. RTI works by manipulating light on a photographic sequence in order to produce very high quality images. Researchers at … Continue reading

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Assyrian Treaty Discovered Among Cache of Cuneiform Tablets

A treaty between Esarhaddon, King of Assyria, and a secondary ruler has been discovered among a cache of cuneiform tablets unearthed last year by a team from the University of Toronto. The tablet, known as the Vassal Treaties of Esarhaddon, … Continue reading

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Octavian Was Named as Egyptian Pharaoh at Philae

  A newly translated Roman victory stele from the Temple of Isis at Philae shows Octavian’s name inscribed in a cartouche – proof that the Roman ruler was also viewed as an Egyptian pharaoh. It is generally believed that Octavian … Continue reading

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New Ancient Scottish Written Language Identified

Scotland’s Pict society, which existed between 300 and 843, created elaborate rock engravings, known now as Pictish Stones. The engravings, once thought to be a form of art, have recently been identified as a written language. “We know that the … Continue reading

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