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Archaeologists Turn to Digital Mapping to Uncover Prehispanic Structures in Veracruz

Archaeologists are more frequently turning to non-invasive and non-destructive digital mapping technologies in order to locate and outline features of archaeological sites. These technologies are especially useful when old-fashioned excavation methods are not possible or are prohibited. [See our stories … Continue reading

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Ancient Purépecha City Discovered in Mexico

A team from Colorado State University recently discovered a 5 square kilometer settlement in what was the Purépecha Empire of ancient Mexico. The Purépecha Empire was a rival of the Aztecs, with whom they shared a border. The newly discovered … Continue reading

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Mayan Fountain Discovered by Archaeologists in Palenque

Archaeologists working at the Mayan urban center of Palenque have discovered a pressurized water system constructed 1,400 years ago. Palenque, located in southern Mexico, flourished in the 7th century AD. An anthropologist and civil engineer working on the site noted … Continue reading

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