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Researcher Concludes That a Majority of Swedish Runic Inscriptions are Gibberish

Marco Bianchi, an expert in Nordic languages at Sweden’s Uppsala University, has recently studied 1,000 ancient runic inscriptions from northern Sweden and has concluded that most are meaningless. The majority of contemporary Vikings were illiterate, Bianchi says, and the inscribed … Continue reading

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Mass Grave in Southern England Confirmed to Contain Executed Vikings

Fifty bodies discovered in a burial pit last year in Dorset, England, have been identified as executed Vikings. The find dates to between 910 and 1030 AD. Researchers were able to identify the victims as Scandinavian based on isotopes taken … Continue reading

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Norse Colonies in Greenland and Iceland Experienced Climate Cooling

Climatologists have conducted a new study in the North Atlantic using data from mollusk shells. They have succeeded in developing the most precise chronological temperature record for the ancient Norse colonies in Greenland and Iceland. The findings show that the … Continue reading

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